MVP Reward FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MVP Rewards program work?

It’s simple. Once you enroll in the MVP Rewards program, you’ll automatically start earning points for eligible transactions made through the BoomerJack’s Grill app. Just show your Check In code to earn points when you visit your favorite BoomerJack’s Grill location. As an MVP Rewards Member you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of great rewards, exclusive offers, and other benefits once you complete your registration.

How do I enroll in the program?

Sign up for BoomerJack’s MVP Rewards program by registering on the BoomerJack’s website or through our BoomerJack’s app available in the App Store or Google Play. You will receive a welcome email explaining how our program works and we’ll add a Free Appetizer to your account.


Is there a fee to participate in the program?

We’ve always got the best deals in town, so BoomerJack’s MVP Rewards is free to join! If you love wings, burgers, and beer as much as we do, this rewards program is for you.


How do I earn points?

You’ll earn 1 point for every $1.00 spent* on food and beverages at BoomerJack’s Grill. *Discounts, tax and gratuity are not included.

When you dine, be sure to give your phone number to your server or the rewards check-in code from the BoomerJack’s MVP Rewards app. When you order online at or through the BoomerJack’s app, be sure you’re signed into your rewards account to accrue points for your transaction.

Points are rounded up or down to the nearest whole dollar. For example, a purchase of $10.49 will be rounded down to 10 points. A purchase of $10.50 or more will be rounded up to 11 points.

Points cannot be earned on gift card purchases or third-party ordering apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats or Grub Hub.


How do I download the BoomerJack’s app?

Visit the App Store or Google Play to download the app.

Apple App Store 

Google Play

What type of rewards will I receive?

For joining MVP Rewards, you will receive a free appetizer. We’ll also send you a special offer for your birthday and more. Check out all the rewards you can receive here.


When can I start redeeming my points for rewards?

As soon as your account is registered, you can start earning points each time you dine with us.


Where can I view or update my account information?

You can manage your account through the BoomerJack’s app or login here.


I forgot to check in. Can I add my missing points?

No worries! If you forgot to get your points added during your visit, please submit them here. You must submit a receipt on the link to receive missed points.


Who do I contact with questions about the program or to get missed points added to my account?

If you have a question about your MVP Rewards account or need to add in missing points, please contact us here.


What do I need to do if my phone number or email address has changed?

If your phone number or email address changes, be sure to update your profile on the BoomerJack’s app or by logging into the MVP Rewards page on our website to update your profile. You can also submit your changes here.